looking for expertise or technologies?

We manage a vast portfolio of patented technologies which could be of interest to your company. The business developers of the Industrial Research Fund have a full overview of the R&D-expertise at KU Leuven and look for innovative solutions to the challenges of your company.

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set up a collaboration between the university and industry?

We offer customized support throughout the entire collaboration process between companies and researchers and lay down the research collaboration in an agreement.

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start your own company?

We support researchers during the start and growth of spin-off companies. We help them to develop a business plan, validate the market, assemble the team, etc.

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what to do with your invention?

We guide researchers when protecting intellectual property and look for industrial partners that want to bring a technology to market.

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apply for government funding?

We are the point of contact for researchers who want to apply for funding from the Flemish or federal government.

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participate in a european research project?

We help researchers to manage European and international projects.

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One of the world's leading anti-HIV drugs

Researchers at KU Leuven and IOCB in Prague discovered tenofovir, which reduces the HIV-titre in the blood and stops the infection from being lethal. Gilead Sciences produces and distributes this successful medication.

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Cochlear and KU Leuven refine cochlear hearing implants

KU Leuven developed software that processes auditory signals and filters out noise in Cochlear's hearing implants. Over 250,000 people have gained hearing thanks to these implants.

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Four years in a row: KU Leuven once again tops Reuters ranking of Europe's most innovative universities 

For the last four years, KU Leuven has topped the Reuters ranking of Europe’s most innovative universities. The University of Erlangen Nuremberg and Imperial College London are second and third on the list.

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