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Reuters: KU Leuven is Europe's most innovative university

Reuters ranks KU Leuven as Europe's most innovative university in its first-ever ranking of Europe's top 100 innovative universities. KU Leuven maintains one of the largest independent research and development organizations on the planet – in fiscal 2014, research spending exceeded 426 million euro.

KU Leuven earned its first-place rank, in part, by churning out a high volume of influential inventions. Its researchers submit more patents than almost any other university in Europe, and outside researchers frequently cite KU Leuven inventions in their own patent applications.

Those are key criteria in the Reuters ranking of Europe’s Most Innovative Universities, which was compiled in partnership with the Intellectual Property & Science division of Thomson Reuters.

Following KU Leuven, the top 5 universities are Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne and Technical University of Munich.

To compile its ranking of Europe’s most innovative universities, the IP & Science division of Thomson Reuters began by identifying more than 600 global organizations – including educational institutions, nonprofit charities, and government-funded labs– that publish the most academic research. Then they evaluated each candidate on 10 different metrics, focusing on academic papers (which indicate basic research) and patent filings (which point to an institution's ability to apply research and commercialize its discoveries). Finally, they trimmed the list so that it only included European universities, and then ranked them based on their performance. Click here for the full methodology.

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Reuters top 100: Europe's most innovative universities

1. KU Leuven
2. Imperial College London
3. University of Cambridge
4. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
5. Technical University of Munich
6. University of Erlangen Nürnberg
7. Delft University of Technology
8. University of Oxford
9. University of Munich
10. University of Zurich
11. University of Copenhagen
12. Technical University of Denmark