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Flemish and federal government funding

KU Leuven Research & Development (LRD) manages Vlaio and FWO grant applications and other kinds of government funding.

What do we do?

The Flemish, Brussels and federal governments have set up several channels to fund research. In Flanders the majority of this funding is managed by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the FWO. Funding by the Brussels government is managed by Innoviris. The Belgian governments on different levels can also fund research by means of public contracts which they put out to tender.

LRD's Flemish and Federal Government Funding department is the point of contact within the KU Leuven Association for projects that are looking to apply for government funding and that involve a collaboration with companies and/or the exploitation of reserach results.

LRD offers support concerning legal, administrative, scientific, exploitation and financial issues to researchers who apply for government funding. Together with the Research Coordination Office (DOC) LRD also offers them policy support. LRD's Flemish and Federal Government Funding department also counsels researchers who submit tenders for government contracts.


Funding channels

On the DOC website you can find an overview and information about the latest calls. Below you can find an overview of the most imortant channels for government funding:

  • Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    • O&O-projects, SME-projects, Baekelandmandates, Innovationmandates, TETRA-projects, LA-trajectories, proeftuinen, sprintprojects, VIS-programmes, …
    • KMO-portefeuille
    • Funding via or collaboration with strategic research centres, spearhead clusters and innovative company networks: Flanders Make, iMinds, imec, VITO, VIB, SIM, FISCH, Flanders Food, VIL, MIP, SCK, …
    • Internationalisation programmes (ERANET, EUREKA, …)
    • Ongoing IWT-projects
  • FWO
    • SBO
    • TBM
    • Hercules
  • Innoviris
    • Doctiris, Anticipate, Connect, …
    • Internationalisation programmes (ERANET, EUREKA, …)
  • Tenders for public contracts
    • Belgian governments on all levels
    • European institutions